Collaborations play a critical role in executing Merus’ strategy to become a fully integrated oncology therapeutics company. We have collaborations with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as academic institutions. Merus continuously explores partnerships that extend the reach and capabilities of our technology platform and product candidates in oncology and other disease areas.

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Merus’ Collaboration Partners

In December 2016, Merus and Incyte entered into a global, strategic collaboration focused on the research, discovery and development of bispecific antibodies utilizing Merus’ proprietary Biclonics® technology platform. As part of the agreement, Incyte received exclusive rights for up to eleven bispecific antibody research programs, including two of Merus’ preclinical immuno-oncology discovery programs. For one of the two preclinical programs, which has since been designated as MCLA-145, Merus retains all rights to develop and commercialize approved products in the United States, and Incyte will develop and commercialize approved products arising from the program outside the United States. Merus also has the option to co-fund development of product candidates arising from two other programs. In addition to receiving an upfront payment and equity investment, Merus is eligible to receive potential development, regulatory and commercial milestones and sales royalties.

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In January 2018, Merus granted Simcere an exclusive license to develop and commercialize in China three bispecific antibodies utilizing Merus’ proprietary Biclonics® technology platform in the area of immuno-oncology. Merus retained all rights outside of China. As part of the agreement, Merus is leading early research and discovery activities, while Simcere is responsible for IND enabling studies, clinical development, regulatory filings and commercialization of these product candidates in China. As a key strategic component of the collaboration, Simcere will be responsible for IND enabling studies and manufacturing of clinical trial materials in China, which Merus intends to use to assist regulatory filings and early stage clinical development in the rest of the world. In addition to receiving an upfront payment, Merus will be eligible to receive development and commercial milestones, and tiered royalty payments on sales in China. Simcere will be eligible to receive tiered royalty payments on sales outside of China.

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In March 2018, Merus and Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) entered into a research collaboration to develop novel agents for therapeutic applications. The collaboration combines Merus’ proprietary Biclonics® technology platform and VHIO’s expertise in clinical, translational and preclinical research.

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In January 2016, Merus and Institut Gustave Roussy entered into a strategic collaboration to jointly develop bispecific antibodies for therapeutic immuno-oncology applications. Merus and Gustave Roussy will collaborate on the design and conduct of basic, preclinical and translational research studies and early clinical studies leveraging Merus’ portfolio of therapeutic human bispecific antibody candidates, including bispecific antibodies in preclinical development targeting combinations of immunomodulatory molecules.

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In January of 2017, Merus and Eduard Batlle’s laboratory at IRB entered into a research collaboration to jointly develop novel agents that target the tumor microenvironment. The research collaboration combines Merus’ proprietary Biclonics® technology platform for the discovery and development of therapeutic bispecific antibodies and unique cell and animal models at the Colorectal Cancer Laboratory to evaluate therapeutic targeting of stromal cells that support tumor growth and metastasis. This new research collaboration builds on the working relationship established in the suppresSTEM project (2013-2016), a European consortium to validate new treatments against colorectal cancer.

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